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The time has come, Today I will be sharing with how you can invest your money almost in a low risk manner. You will have to just copy the right people on the right websites.Today we will be covering a method which has very low risk. I will show you how the risk is so low. The time has proven it already. So, let us sign up for trading on Etoro.

I hope u have read my article about getting started in trading. I will suggest you move forward with this guide even if you don’t have the thing ready. Because this way you will remember to complete the process. For a recap here is what you will need

  1. English ID Card or Passport
  2. Bank Statement
  3. Debit Card with E-commerce enabled
  4. Email Address
  5. Phone Number
  6. Dashlane to store information. (Optional)

Etoro is easiest and safest method of investment

Etoro is the easiest to use trading website. It also is one of the safest. So, when you are getting started, I will highly recommend using Etoro. Etoro has user friendly interface. You will just like u are using another social media website. Another good thing is that Etoro has a Islamic account option as well.

Let us sign up for Etoro. Use this link to sign up so that you can get faster approval.

Step by Step guide on signing up on Etoro

Let us get started Click the join now button and then fill the form. Make sure to add your name and spell it as shown on your ID. Give phone number which will be later verified with OTP. Then add your email address.

Etoro safest trading broker

Now you will be logged into to Etoro. Click complete profile in the top left corner. After that select your gender and add your Date of Birth as shown on your ID.

Add Birthday and Gender Etoro

After this you will add your address. Make sure to add it like it is on your bank statement. After adding the address in passport number section, you can add your ID Card number if you are using that for Verification.

Trading Experience Questions

I will suggest that you choose the options as I show below this will ensure you have a fully enabled account. However, I stress again when u get started please only copy the people that I am giving you later, I will also give you reason on why to copy them.

Trading Experience

Move to next Question and select options as shown in screenshot below


Next is Etoro trading knowledge assessment question.  Here is the answer to that question.

Etoro Trading Knowledge assessment question.

Select all options in Etoro planned investments

In Trading strategy select the option few weeks to few months.


Select the purpose of trading from the options given.

Etoro trading Strategy

Select option on how much you plan to deposit and risk as shown in screenshot below.

Purpose of trading

Answer the conflict of interest question

Conflict of interest

Add information about your financial status or source of income.

Financial status and source of income

Click Read and confirm on both documents next


Scroll all the way to bottom to enable confirm option

confirm terms

After this step you will verify your phone number

verify phone number

Verify your account

Congratulations you are one step closer to your journey to financial freedom. Now u will have to upload a photo ID. You can upload passport or front and back of CNIC. Your Photo ID should be in English.

Etoro allows you to upload 2 separate files for front and back. After uploading ID you will upload bank statement showing your address that you gave to Etoro.

Tax ID Number

Then you will be asked your Tax ID number, For Pakistan it is same as your CNIC No. For other countries give your Tax ID number issued by Govt. You can also select the option I don’t have a tax ID number.

After you have completed all the steps you will have to wait for 2 to 3 business days for your account to become active.

Your account got approved

3 days have passed, and we assume your account got approved, let us move forward now with depositing funds.

Please remember to deposit less than 50% of your total savings. If you want to deposit more, you can however u will have to be careful not to get carried away with buying stocks.  Only copy the people that I am giving you in this guide so your funds stay safe and you get good risk free profit.

Deposit Funds

You can deposit funds with any debt card. However, remember that your withdrawals will come to same card’s linked bank account. So, make sure that you use a debit card linked to your bank account or you can use a Payoneer card.

Minimum deposit is 200$, You can get started with that. However, I will recommend increasing your deposit to 1000$ or more whenever you are ready. More to come on benefits of doing that.

Copying the right Person

So Now let us come to our magic person. This is someone who has a track record of 3 years with consistent gains each month.

Here is his performance on all complete months uptill now Nov 2019. As you can see all figures are in Green.

Oliver Etoro Monthly and yearly gain

Yearly gain is also very good, 18% in 2018 which is very nice for someone with such low risk trading.

Oliver also has lowest risk score possible on Etoro 1 and he is managing over 5 million $ worth of assets of Etoro users. I will say Oliver is the reason I ranked Etoro as No 1 Safest method of trading and investment.

Oliver minimal risk score and assets under management

Now you are going to become one of them. Here is how you can copy him.

Go to his profile and click copy. I will recommend copying him with your 100% funds on Etoro for your first month. This will enable you to stay in positive from start which is very important.

Etoro Islamic Account Option

Etoro also has an Islamic account option for Customers with Muslim Faith. I will highly recommend, you avail this if you are a Muslim as it will make your account free from Interest and you will not have to pay fees to Etoro.  you will get saved from sin of interest. You will need to have more than 1000$ in your account before you can apply for Islamic account.

You can read full details here.


This completes this detailed post on safest method of trading and investment Etoro. If you have any questions you can add them in comments below. I will be happy to answer


Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. You should seek financial advice if you need when making investment decisions.


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      Waqar Akram says:

      Yes Abdul Rehman, you can start with 500$. However I will recommend 1000$ at least so that u can get Etoro islamic account.

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