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Abdul Rehman

I was leaving mosque after Zuhar. He was standing right in middle of mosque, near the cabin door so Everyone leaving has to pass by him. He was shaking hands with everyone, with a cute smile on his face. I shook hands with Abdul Rehman. I asked him to pray for me and then we […]

when you run out of money – A day with little budget

Money, and a lot of money. Everyone needs more money because it gives us more enjoyment and more power. That ultimately brings happiness. But what happens when you run out of money? Yesterday was a holiday because of Kashmir day. So I just threw my wallet away and put up all my money in my […]

Be a complete doctor , not an Incomplete one

I strongly believe our names have 0% relation with our thoughts, last week our ward was in surgical Outdoor , and I met Doctor Waqar for the first time in my life. He was our in-charge for one week, Dr. waqar told us “Make your connection with Allah, A doctor’s practice is not complete without […]