Caliph of Islam

Present Caliph of Islam Please do report this misleading result but it is time to think about establishing our own Islam’s way of democracy. Please note our reporting this message will give us ajar, even if it doesn’t result in the removal of this. Facebook Post: Caliph of Islam

Right to Vote

The right to vote is not a born right. It should be rather a right earned through information. A certain qualification should be introduced with 3 to 4 years curriculum. Then a test should determine if a person satisfies the requirements to be a voter. If we can have good voters only then we can […]

How little that was

A few days back I wrote about the incident on K.e main gate, This time it is about The Buses gate and it is a bit interesting, There is a 20 year old man selling chips in fornt of it , A few days back I saw him and his arm was a bit pale […]

5 Rupees to weigh yourself

Minar e Pakistan All gates closed these days because of terrorism , except the eastern gate. Though be happy because Badshahi Mosque is not open for visitors either. When I entered in Iqbal Park , I saw this and my first thought was like “A new way of Begging” then I said aloud ” Yar […]

I sold eggs on a Bus Station

  Today  23rd March Pakistan day , it is 11:00 PM and It is raining outside and I am home from bus station after selling eggs. Hassan Shahbaz Chief Editor of our magazine New Direction came in Lahore and we had a splendid time together. I went to see him off on Faisal movers terminal, the bus was […]