How to sign up on etoro? Step by Step Guide

Today I will show you how you can sign up on etoro in 10 mins. Remember to use my affiliate link so that you can get free guides about etoro copy trading.

Step by Step Sign up on Etoro

First things you will need are following.

  1. English National ID or Passport
  2. Bank account statement with your address on it.

Other requirements are a phone number and email never used with etoro before. You can also start the sign up process right now and upload bank statement and ID later when you have them.

fill in the first form

First form asks you information about your name, email, password and username. One tip here is to make your username standout in case you will like to become Etoro popular investor at some point so your username should be a good one.

Sign up on Etoro

After this step is complete move to next step that is adding your information. click complete profile on top left corner under your username.

Gender and Date of Birth

Make sure to select same date of birth as on your Passport/National ID. Once done click continue.


Add Birthday and Gender Etoro


Address as on bank statement

Next you have to give your address make sure you give the same address as shown on your bank statement. This is used to verify your identity.

Trading experience

Next up you will asked about trading experience questions, I will recommend you to be honest in your answer. However, I gave 20 plus times as an answer which is a good answer to this question.

Trading Experience

Etoro trading Knowledge question


Next Etoro will ask you a question and give you some choices. You will have to select the right answer. for the question below right answer is chosen.



Etoro Planned investments


In this I recommend that you choose all options so you can trade all of them when you are ready.


Now we will select strategy and purpose of trading. Select few weeks to several months and also select additional revenues on the next screen.

Etoro trading Strategy

Purpose of trading

Etoro conflict of interest question

Etoro conflict of interest question asks you about your relation with brokers etc. You should  answer it honestly depending upon your status.

Conflict of interest


Financial Status and Source of income questions will be presented next. Tell your original source of income.

Financial status and source of income


Accept etoro terms and conditions

Finally you will accept etoro terms and conditions. Click read and accept.



After this you will be asked to verify your phone number, which is very straight forward just like any bank in pakistan. You get a code and you enter it on Etoro website.

verify phone number


Now that you have completed all steps and signed up on etoro. I will recommend you to read my extensive guide on etoro verification and Finding right person to copy on Etoro. Safe method of investing Etoro

One last thing if you are a Muslim, I will recommend to deposit 1000$ and make an islamic account so that you can have a interest free trading experience on Etoro that is inline with your Faith. You can contact support for this after full verification of the account and deposit of 1000$ .

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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