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etoro trading knowledge assessment answers

Etoro social trading platform is a very unique and easy to use trading website. However when you sign up they ask you some trading questions. You will be wondering what are answers for etoro trading knowledge assessment? I will be providing you just that in this post.  Let us get started.

Cryptocurrency Scams How to be safe?

I recently started investing, online trading so naturally, I have recently been contacted by scammers a lot. Each one coming with their own schemes, trying to trick me into sending them money. Cryptocurrency Scams are very common these days. Here are some key tips that help u differentiate scams from real income opportunities.

Can Bitcoin and Blockchain solve Pakistan debt problem?

In 1998 Google was a piece of paper written by a Phd Student. Fast forward in 20 years it has a market cap of 300 Billion $ with an annual revenue almost more than Pakistan’s Budget about 8 Billion $. I can give countless examples not just Facebook, Amazon, the well-known even medium sized cybersecurity […]

Religion Simplified

Our religion is very simple, lets see How simple our religion is Allah created Adam (A.S) and Hawa (A.S), i.e he created Humans and there was Shatan who said I am better than your creation. Allah said go away from me , and he demanded some privileges, Allah gave him that . And he gave […]

Best use of chocolate

I always have bad habits with me, I am not perfect. I never will become perfect. People care about money, everyone wants more money and nobody loves to lose it. I had the kind of bad attitude toward money and I never gave a shit to it. The bad habit I want to tell you […]