Islamic Loan for companies

I have developed an Islamic way of borrowing for small businesses. This is how it happens, A person gives you money as a loan and you give them a % of profits or loss of your company for the duration of time. For example, Person A gives you a 0.5 million loan for a 2% […]

Praying in a mosque

I once went to pray in another sect’s mosque. I asked them about the way they pray and I tried to pray like them. I was very nice to them and they were nice to me. However, at the end imam, shb asked me who are you? what do u do? I gave a general […]

Lahore Trouble in Ramadan

In the last few days, Imran Khan’s Govt has made so many mistakes regarding their dealing with TLP. Today was the worst day when Police opened fire on TLP. While I disagree with the methods of TLP but what do you expect from them? There are deaths on both sides, there is still time to […]

How to register a effective complaint on Pakistan Citizen Portal?

You have a complaint to register against on Pakistan Citizen Portal.. In this step by step guide I will tell you how you can register you complaint. Things you need to register a complaint on the portal. First of all let us start with the things you need. A smart phone Android or iOS Your […]

My Journey through the world of online businesses

In March 2012 I got proper access to internet for the 1st time. By June 2012 I had made a blogger blog. I had envisioned a question and class portal for MCAT studies. After 1st Prof in 2013 I registered my first domain For my entry test portal website I had no funds so I started […]

Pakistan Citizen’s Portal Complaint, Does it really work?

A few months back Imran Khan launched Pakistan Citizen’s Portal. The portal is intended to solve complaints about any department of the PTI government. However, does it Citizen’s Portal really work? So one of my friends and I went on the journey to find out. First, we identified a problem which was there for years. […]