I am a Medical Student at KEMU Lahore.  I am not a writer so expect a fair bit of mistakes in what I write but I write every day for your every day . so that’s the name

(From  my ) Ever  day for (your) Every day . Hope so now you got it .

The Second line is about Little things.  I always believed that I will do something big but I  realized doing something matters, so till I do my Big Thing I started doing little things .

Little things I started for (my )life out of Order . So I  believe these little things will also help you if  (Your ) life is out of order.

I am a blogger for 2 years now, (I made blogs to help people back in 2011 not personal ones. ) and I can easily make a better design,  but I preferred it to be dumb.  😉

Thank You for visiting stay connected so we make our OUT OF ORDER LIVES a little bit better.