How can I manage time for deen and dunya?

A brother asked this question

Question: Assalam o Alaikum Brother how can i manage time that i give it to deen and dunya? I am an undergrad student of Computer science?I am following your page from past year and Masha Allah you had great experience of time management.That is why i contacted you?Any tips?

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The girl who lived near a river

A girl whom no human ever saw except for her father.  The girl was still happy  because everyday she had friends with her , coming all over to drink from river.

The life was happy there the voice of water and fish in river  everything was so perfect  One day the girl throught she will leave  This place and go to city  to see other people and to make new friends  She left the house with her father and they started living  in a city.


Soon she started changing herself.  Her nature which was so perfect and untouched qas getting affected by the people around her. The compassion was there but the sense of hate came.  The love was there but the urge to be loved back came was new. The friends she had in jungle never did anything for her and now she wanted her friends to be good to her.  She was a free soul she did whatever she wanted but now she has to live to the standards of society.  The sense of  shame she had was transformed a little bit everyday. She never lost it but adjusted it. Adjusted it to match her new society. soon she realized things which are good are largely decided by people ariund her and no herself.   If her friends and family think something to be good and ok she thinks it to be good and right. If I was able to wdit this story I would have said she left the father in the jungle because she never listened to her.  Father gave her a guide book though.


The Golden Standards of Living  She never opened it.  She never understood it. She didn’t follow it.  And soon she found herself humilated,and worried or sometime a false sense of happiness which could  vanished any time.


The girl in story is the example of human.  and like the girl had the father with her but never talked with him.   same is the case we have Allah with human and we have Allah with us but we never talk to him in Namaz.

The story ends.

Your Friend is in a battle with Shatan

You will find people doing small sins and you will find people avoiding even the minor sins. Let me straight come to point, Please don’t ever make anyone commit a small sin because it might not be lethal for you but it can be lethal for others. let me tell you how?

Every person is different in terms of physical appearance, intelligence, character, etc we all know this and we all accept it. Every person is different in his virtue and sins. Continue reading “Your Friend is in a battle with Shatan”

Rock of Muallak Truth about its extistence

I always wondered about rock suspended in air everyone talks about associated with Miraj.

The Prophet started his ascend from that rock. It is called Hacer-i Muallâk (Rock of Muallâk), the photo shows Hacer-i Muallâk (Rock of Muallâk).

Now there is an image ascribed as Hacer-i Muallâk (Rock of Muallâk) . Even one of the famous Kokab Norani showed that on PTV during Ramdan. which probably was added by editing tea who took image from internet.

That image is not the right rock of Muallak.

flying stone in Palestine

Rock of Muallak which means “the suspending rock”

As believed, this is the rock from which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ascended to Meraj. In widest the rock is 18 meters and 13, 5 meter is in the narrowest. On the rock, there are descending stairs which lead to an empty cavity of 1, 5 meters height and 4, 5 meters of width and length.

When the dome observed from inside the rock it gives the impression as though the rock was hanging in the air and that is why it is given the name Hacer-i Muallak.


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I just wanted to share this so the true image spreads and right aspect of this Islamic stone comes out.

Please show the image to your local Imam as well, so they start describing it very precisely and people are not mislead by internet anymore.

Ask your parents for a gift this Eid

My cousin asked me question about it, I didn’t know the answer. So I though I will ask it someone, when I started asking, the topic went on.

In society you can find 10% to 20% people saying prayers regularly and about 80% not very regular but 99% people don’t pay Zakat. We really need to spread awareness about it. Allah says in Holy Quran

By time, indeed, mankind is in loss, except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.

(103 : 1-3)

And when it comes advising each other, the advising starts from home and there is no restriction of age, It is our duty that we make sure that our parents pay their zakat.

When Zakat becomes Farz

Nisab is 7.5 tola Gold “Or” 52.5 tola silver, The word used in Hadith is or, therefore if someone has cash equal to 52.5 tola silver that is Rs. 40000 and an year has passed over it, he will have to pay zakat.

If someone has multiple cars or houses and they are not used in routine, zakat is Farz on that as well.

Lastly If someone’s account balance is above Nisab for whole year but varies it would be preferable if you pay the highest but paying on the average is farz.

Whom to Pay Zakat,

1. Look for your poor relatives first, If there is someone who is very poor among your relatives you should pay him.

2. Look for someone around you, your neighbor. someone working at your home who is poor.

And there are other places as well, but these two are the most preferred one, Lastly someone said Find someone whom you can give zakat like you are thirsty to death and looking for water, and after paying zakat be happy like you would be happy on finding water.

Zakat is a gift for the poor, and It is obligatory to give it. Please talk to your parents about it, If you can ask them for a mobile phone or a camera or a car , I think you can easily ask them for paying zakat. It is just a question

“Abu jee, wo main nain puchna tha hm nain is sal zakat ada kr di he ?”

In Shaa Allah we will make sure our parents pay zakat.

May Allah help us to give zakat over the years to come.

Allah knows the Best.

How to tell your parents if a boy truly loves a girl

One of our Brother / Sister asked :

I just read your post regarding valentines day. its really good. you mention in your post that if a boy truly love a girl, then he should talk to his parents about that girl. But my question is that, in our society it is very common and most of the time obvious that parents don’t support their children in such kind of matter. Most of the parents just ignore their kids thought, just because of life standard or some personal ego. It would be great if you can write about Love marriage with the consent of parents in the light of Islamic values and Sunna. And i appreciate your work for this blog. May ALLAH PAK bless you. AMMEN

Assalam O Alaikum wa rehmatullah,

First of all praise to Allah who is all knowing and whomever He leads no body can diverge him and whomever He diverges no body can help him.

Regarding Your Question

In our society most parents don’t really understand what their children want to convey.

I completely agree with you brother that is a problem that their is a lot of generation gab between parents and their children. Most parents don’t even know the kind of enviornment their children are exposed and back in old days it was not like that.

Now these days one reads

in college and may start finding a girl whom he feels beautiful and feels like she will make the best life partner for him, which I think is quite natural.

If he doesn’t tell about this to his parents and keeps on assuming they will not understand, then I think it is not the right strategy.

The best way out is to talk at least one of them, Make your own strategy , Plan how you can talk.

In Holy Quran Allah describes incident of Hazrat Musa (A.S), in that incident the daughter of Shuaib (A.S) tells his father in a beautiful way that she wants to marry him.

She (R.A) says : “Father give him a job , as he is strong and honest.”

Look at the beauty of it, First she is not saying anything directly as she knows if my father takes her on a job, he will have to marry us both, because he is old and a guy can’t live in their house like that, Second she praises him so his father comes to know the Qualities of Hazrat Mosa (A.S).

Hazrat Shoaib (A.S) was an intelligent man so he asked Mosa (A.S) to marry one of his daughters.

(Reference )

The Lesson from this story is that we have to take the matter to parents and in a beautiful way, wrap it in a cake and tell them.

I know it is not going to be easy and one might have to listen some ‘Dant and Batein’ in the begining but in the long run they will understand.

Secondly before telling parents one should be change his attitude toward life in general, be sure you are doing well in your studies, your grades are good, You have a good carier in front of you. You are helping your parents in business etc if possible or applicable.

May Allah help us all to follow his religion and grant us wisdom to understand it.

Barak Allah


The Life is a huge period, so many years, in them so many days, with every day consisting of so many minutes and seconds. Every second passes and seems like it got passed but the way you spent it is recorded.

The sun rises and it sets, same routine followed everyday. A few hours to study, I few to play and a few hours to pray.

I wish that was the complete story, I wish the life was simple like it appears, same routine set by us followed everyday.

There are times when we get overwhelmed, defeated and the everything around gets disturbed, that is the worst time when you do a sin.

Sin is a reality that lives with everyone, so is the power to come out of it.

Then we realize that was not something needed, a mistake then comes the best time for a sinner when he asks forgiveness from Allah. Then he did the sin again and then asked Allah to forgive him again.

Thousands of years got passed, you woke up one day, now is the time the balance is going to be raised. The day we all are waiting for, when our Allah will reward us for every good we did.

Now if Allah’s Adal starts his angel can ask someone “what you did on 15th June 5 Pm?” Oh wait I have it here yeah you did this and this, and now what answer u have? and before that person speaks his skin, his eyes and hands, will become witness against him. Yes Allah he did this with us.

Though I really for me and you that situation never comes, May we be overwhelmed by His Mercy, though just for a moment lets try not to have too many sins.

Lets just try to make Him happy so he may reward us with His Mercy.

May Allah give us an easy accounting, Ameen.


I don’t know why people talk about this word too much, and the sentence is pretty much used over a billion times in Human History,

“I care about you.”

It can be anyone saying, parents, family and you know him and her

Let me tell you , It is not him or her caring about you. Yeah right He doesn’t care about you and she doesn’t care about you.

Because If He does care about you, he wouldn’t be talking to you on phone but better be talking to your father.

And If She really cares about you , she will not be just smiling around and let you fall in hell.

Family , Brothers and sisters yeah at the end of the day they become so

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busy in their own families that they hardly ever have time to care about you.

If I can even think of someone really caring about you just a little bit temporarily that can be your parents. Though ultimately they will say

“Who are you? I don’t know you”

Oh My God , Who else then ?

Someone who is closer to you than your parents? someone you might not have noticed but saved your life a million times, when you took a wrong turn while crossing a road, or when you slipped and could have fractured your skull.

He has put strong guardian around you. He knows you, listen’s to you, and no matter how much you ignore Him, He still cares about you.

Allah , Allah, Yes Allah.

Now I am going to say a sentence and you just don’t take it superficially.

I”f you really put your trust in Him ,, He will never let you fall.”

Now what it means by putting your trust in Him,

I put my trust in Allah but you know I can’t say prayers 5 times a day , I am lazy. Or I put my trust in Allah but I can’t really read translation of His Book

Or Allah cares about me , he doesn’t want me to wear Hijab where it says in Quran, You know Hijab of heart is better, It is ok the way I am, nothing is going to happen because He cares about me.

well I can’t really do anything, I feel a lot of peer pressure If I am not updated with latest season.

Yeah all those excuses, mostly made. I don’t want to write about them, I feel disgusting to write about them and it doesn’t mean I am free of them though let me tell you,

You as a Muslim are two steps away from Allah ,

First is ‘amal’ by you,

Second is ‘Rehm’ of Allah.

Now keep an eye on second but concentrate on first because you can’t have a second step without having a first.

Bara ka Allah

Why students doing Hifz lack in academics ?

One of our Borthers / Sisters  asked (You can also ask any question to me.)

Assalamu alaikum.
Waqar bhai, i wanted to ask something that i think about a lot sometimes.

 I live in an environment where most of the people around me are uneducated, almost the whole market, then i see all those kids going to madrassas, and seeing them i think,
Why are they not going for higher education? Why is it that wheneva i saw someone close to masjid, he z far from academics. If someone has a beard in my class , and he z a hafiz from madrassa, then most probably his grades gonna be close to zero,.

Is there something in islam that tells them not to study hard in academics? Okay, for some, there are valid reasons like they cant afford, or something like that, but then for others,..?

Walaikum Salam

I like your observation, before I tell you the reasons Why Students doing Hifz Lack in academics ?  let me tell you while it is true for the most people, but  there are some students in K.E.M.U who have done Hifz and then they excelled in academics to reach the Best Medical Institute in Punjab. 

The Reasons I have figured out  about your question are 

1. Lack of System

 The first thing I want to mention is the lack of system for getting Holy Quran Education and academics both at same time.While some kids are brilliant and even after doing Hifz they fit in very nicely in School but for others there is always something missed in years they did Hifz.So more importantly we should be having a system in Schools where Holy Quran is taught as a syllabus from 5th Class to onward until you graduate.I have pretty strong reasons in favor of this suggestion and what benefit affects it will have but I leave it for some other day.

2. Sense of Lack of Resource (Inferiority Complex)

As you already mentioned lack of resources is a big problem, but sense of  inferiority is a bigger problem.I read in a very humble school, funded by Foundation. I feel my school enabled me to reach k.e so it was a pretty good school.I lived in a village and we had just 2 schools there, in cities you see schools , with so heavy fees and so nice buildings.Poor Fellows and their parents reading in a  humble school start feeling nothing is going to come out of this, and then they don’t work hard and parents don’t make them work hard just they feel school is not good enough for them to be a doctor or something noble. When foundation is not good , then it is impossible for them to catch up in F.Sc.

3. Study Habits

Now lets come to a personal change ,study habits of students going for Hifz are changed so  much that it is difficult for them to get back to usual.Like you have to understand when you read in school and sadly it is not true for doing Hifz, though I wish it could be.

4. Islamic Knowledge and Studies go good together

As far as I think I know at least more than 5 people who have good knowledge of Islam and Hadith and they are either in K.E.M.U or in A.I.M.C.So in summary  I can say Hifz is not the criteria to judge the knowledge of Islam , I have a lot of respect for kids doing Hifz, I often spend sometime with them in our local mosque to know more about their life and aims.I really feel Holy Quran should be the part of Syllabus from 5th Class onward so everyone should know what Islam is and How we are supposed to live a life according to Syllabus of Allah.May Allah help us to strive in spreading knowledge of His Book.  Ameen ! You can ask your Questions via this form.

Nothing made him Happy

2nd week of January , a very cold evening I was just coming back home after getting my laptop fixed.

There was a 4 year old standing with a gloomy cute little face, those days were surely not the happiest moments of my life but he took my attention and I just thought let me give him a smile.

I just spent sometime with him , asked him his name, tried to make him happy, but failed.

I bought him a burger, I gave 10 rupees and more importantly 5 precise minutes from my tough Sunday routine. Nothing made him Happy,

Now I took it as a challenge, I pretended smiles , I faked it , I tried to joke. Meanwhile burger is ready and he is eating it and yet there is no smile. I asked him one little question and everything was clear,

Where do you live kid ?

He said : thokar

I asked : In a tent ?

He said: Yes

It was 6:00 PM and it was already very cold. that kid was not even wearing an upper, and he knew a cold long night is following this dusk. I was quiet now , I got the answer why he never smiled in those 10 minutes.

I came back with tears in my eyes, sometimes you really fail to give them a smile because those kids have worries we can’t solve. When they should be in school, they have to beg and work and yet they have to spend chilly night and hot noon in a tent . I accept we can’t solve all of those worries but 10 minutes spent, a 5 rupee chocolate can bring a smile on their face.

Sometimes they fail but 99% chocolates work and more importantly every 10 minutes you spend, leave you with a softer, softer and softer heart.

Allah I thank you for everything, For the right opportunity, For the clothing I wear , For the Home I have , For the Good meal I eat.

Thanks Allah , because millions don’t have this while you blessed me with all of this

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. Thank You so much,